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Power Talk Friday: Ashley Faulkes- Maximizing SEO for Your Interior Design Firm

Episode 268 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to another episode of Power Talk Friday! We have Ashley Faulkes, the CEO of Mad Lemmings with us on the show today. Ashley creates WordPress websites and he also is an SEO expert, which is one of the main reasons that LuAnn invited him onto the show. She knows that there are many of you out there, wondering about the merits of blogging and wanting to find out how to go about doing it. This is a topic that we really can’t seem to get enough information on, so listen in and learn from Ashley, who is an expert when it comes to blogging and creating websites.

Ashley, whose company is fourteen years old, is an Australian who is now living in Switzerland. After skiing one time, on the last run of the day, Ashley fell, twisting his leg and breaking it in thirty-seven places. He then had to spend three days immobilized in hospital, waiting for the weekend to be over and for the surgeons to get prepared to operate. It was well worth the wait, however, and he was also really lucky because they ended up doing a first class job and getting excellent results with his leg. The spin-off of this was that it brought Ashley to blogging, which then brought him to a whole new endeavor, which he became really good at, through getting educated and also teaching. Listen in now, to find out what Ashley has to share with you about SEO and Website Creation.

Show highlights:

  • Ashley’s opinion on the difference between a Square Space site and a WordPress
  • Migrating to a new website with all of your current content.
  • How to attract people to your website, if you’re doing the website yourself.
  • Optimising your Home Page and your Services Page.
  • Making a habit of getting reviews on your website for SEO- you can even set up a link for that.
  • Getting onto your local listings, to create SEO links, when starting out.
  • Leveraging social proof, through getting your business listed with The Chamber Of Commerce, or Government Institutions.
  • Finding the biggest bang for your buck, for SEO rankings.
  • How to find out, rather than guessing, if there are any people searching for a particular topic, before writing a blog post.
  • Thinking about reasons that people would need your services, for effective blogging.
  • How to create links to your website.
  • Getting access to Google tools.
  • Using the right keywords for great rankings.
  • Pictures can be worth a thousand words.
  • Using Youtube for great rankings.
  • The value of re-purposing your content.


Ashley’s website: http://www.madlemmings.com

Ashley on Youtube: Mad Lemmings

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