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Power Talk Friday – Dezignwall- What is it? With Joseph Haecker

Episode 262 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to another Power Talk Friday! Today LuAnn is really excited to have Joe Haecker, The CEO and Founder of Dezignwall, with her on the show. Listen in to find out more about this awesome social network platform, created specifically for the Design community.

Dezignwall is the fastest growing network for Design and Architectural professionals, worldwide. It is the very first social platform to address the specific needs of the international Design community and it blends the features found on top social media platforms with the ability to produce products. The goal of Dezignwall is to unite the International Design and Products community, in order to help the industry to compete in a constantly changing and growing global marketplace.

Joe’s background is in Custom Lighting, for hotels, casinos, high end residential and Daylight Tubular Skylight Industries. He has been responsible for setting trends, developing innovations and also coordinating world-class projects internationally, for more than seventeen years. He has served as Head Of Design for Triton Chandelier, Alger Lighting, and Solatube International. He has also consulted for many custom lighting companies, including iWorks, Spectrum, 3Form Light-Art Schonbek and lots of others. Joe has a passion for the success of the industry and he serves as an Industry Advocate, fostering a focus on global communication, collaboration and restoring the value of luxury in the industry. Joe is a single Dad of two sons and he is very involved in Business Consulting, Mentoring and establishing an ecosystem for startups and Tech Companies in the Antelope Valley and Kern Country areas of Southern California. Listen in now!

Show highlights:

  • Joe explains how Dezignwall came about, what it is and why you, as a Designer, should care.
  • The difference between Dezignwall and Instagram.
  • Dezignwall is a place for one of a kind artisans.
  • The multiple angles that a product can be viewed, on Dezignwall.
  • The awesome features to be found on Dezignwall.
  • Why a Designer would want to upload their projects onto Dezignwall.
  • How Dezignwall works as a sales efficiency tool.
  • How Dezignwall works for Designers and how it works for consumers.
  • Joe’s motivation in creating Dezignwall.
  • Dezignwall is the only social network platform that features Podcasts.
  • Joe explains the value of having your Podcast featured on this platform, to tell your Design story.
  • Dezignwall is a tool that has access to analytics, so it can really help you to cater to the specific needs of each client.
  • Everything on this platform can be accessed via a keyword search.
  • The benefits of this platform, for reaching and connecting with a global market.
  • Dezignwall as a system for coordinating the Trade Shows that you attended.
  • The goal that Joe had in mind when creating this platform.


Website: http://www.dezignwall.com

FB LIVE Talkshow: https://www.facebook.com/events/502777173434577/?ti=cl

Social Handle: @Dezignwall, Inc

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCycMyaEpwYZVOg0D7pfIfA/featured

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What Level is Your Design Business?