What Level is Your Design Business?

Chaney Widmer – A 100% E-Design Interior Design Firm

Episode 260 of A Well-Designed Business®

A special ‘hello’ to all our new listeners and a warm welcome to the show!  Today we are really happy to introduce you to our guest, Chaney Widmer, the Founder of Mix And Match Design Company. Chaney is a very smart lady, who saw a need in the market and created a really innovative way to fill it. She offers One On One Decorating Services, through her  E-Design and Online Interior Design and on her Mix And Match Blog, she shares her decorating tips and inspiration. Listen in, to find out more about  E-Design and how to make it work profitably for you.

Today, Chaney explains how she created Mix And Match Design, in order to provide affordable and accessible Interior Design to everyone. After many years of writing a Design Blog and helping her friends and family to put together beautiful homes that they loved, Chaney decided that the time had come for her launch her own internet-based Design Business. Chaney is fully committed to taking the intimidation out of Interior Design, whether her client is starting from scratch with a brand new home,  adding a few pieces to pull a room together or even just looking for a way to take their space from looking good to looking really great! Listen in now, to hear Chaney’s poised and intelligent approach to her carefully designed business model.

Show highlights:

  • Chaney explains why she chose to focus her business on  E-Design.
  • What motivated Chaney to deal with the specific market that she has chosen to focus on.
  • The demographics of the market that Chaney focuses on.
  • The really reasonable cost of working with Chaney.
  • The number of hours that Chaney typically spends on a $300 project.
  • The time that it takes for Chaney to complete her average project.
  • How her processes have evolved, over time.
  • Chaney’s detailed, but not overwhelming survey that she gives her clients to complete.
  • How Chaney created the contract that she currently uses with her clients.
  • How Chaney makes her money through affiliate links.
  • Great resources for an affiliate networks, as a way to earn money through their affiliate programs.
  • The type metric that is sought after, for Affiliate Programs.
  • What creating an Affiliate Link would involve- it’s really easy!
  • The kind of service that Chaney offers her clients.
  • How Chaney does her follow-ups.
  • The eDesign Course that Chaney is going to be launching soon.
  • The target market for Chaney’s upcoming eDesign Course.

Resources for Affiliate Programs:

                 Reward Style Network – An application based Affiliate Network.

Shop Style Collective – Have a pay per click affiliate program.

  1. J. Affiliate.

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What Level is Your Design Business?