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Dionne Gardner: A Conversation About Landy Gardner Interiors

Episode 257 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome! Today, we’re really happy to introduce you to Landy Gardner Interiors, which is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Landy Gardner Interiors have a really unique philosophy with which they approach their diverse clientele, where the focus is on individual needs and on combining the comfort of familiarity with new and fresh elements, using techniques both proven and untried. The way that a client works, plays, entertains and relaxes must all be considered, according to the Landy Gardner way of designing. Today, we’re really privileged to have Landy’s daughter, Dionne, on the show with us.

We originally arranged to have both Landy and Dionne on the show, however, due to some technical hitches on their end, the recording of the interview had to be rescheduled twice. Sadly, in the interim, Landy Gardner passed away. He was a man bigger than life and a great, kind soul and even though LuAnn had very little exchange with him, he made a really deep impression on her.

Today, Dionne talks about how she started working her Dad, the lessons that she learned from him and also about how she will continue to lead his company and carry on with his legacy, with the help of her team. LuAnn is really so very glad that Dionne decided that she still wanted to go ahead and do the interview with her today, so listen in now, as Dionne shares her memories of her father and the inspiration that he was to her.

In 2001, Landy Gardner was named South East Designer Of The Year, by the Atlantic Decorative Arts Centre and he has been named Designer Of The Year by Nashville Magazine. He has been published in Southern Living, Southern Accents, Traditional Home, Nashville Lifestyles, Showcase Of Interior Design, Southern Edition, Better Homes And Gardens, Boulevards, Southern Rooms, Interior Design From Miami To Houston, Spectacular Homes Of Tennessee, Atlanta, the cover of Veranda and a feature in Veranda’s twentieth anniversary edition- Twenty Years Of Memorable Rooms. Landy has also been on HDTV’s  Interior By Design.

Landy Gardner Interior’s design projects include private residences in Tennessee, New York,  California, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and also The Bahamas. He has designed rooms for the Tennessee Governor’s Mansion, the Junior League Of Nashville’s show houses and the Judd House, in Dalton, Georgia. Landy’s commercial work includes Health Spas and Executive Offices in Nashville and office buildings for Hospital Corporation Of America, across the country, and also restaurants and bars for strategic hospitality. Both Landy and His Daughter, Dionne, are rare and extraordinary individuals, as well as being really talented Designers, so listen in to this bittersweet interview, to find out more about Landy Gardner Interiors.

Show highlights:

  • How Dionne first came to work for her Dad.
  • What it was like for Dionne, when she started working for her Dad.
  • How Dionne got to know and admire her Dad much more deeply, after working with him.
  • How it was all about the client, for Landy- something that really made him remarkable.
  • The really great, collaborative dynamic that existed between Dionne and Landy.
  • How Dionne now finds herself selecting fabrics in the way that Landy would have done it.
  • Landy’s amazingly integrated left brain/ right brain approach to his work.
  • Dionne explains how she learned to shop for clients, using Landy’s mindful method.
  • Why Dionne and Landy were able to work together, so successfully.
  • The way that Dionne intends to go forward with her Dad’s business and honor his legacy.
  • Landy’s mindblowing process of installation, for a project.
  • The importance of being clear about the methods that you use, in your Design process.


Website: http://landygardner.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/landygardnerinteriors/   Twitter: https://twitter.com/LandyGardner

What Level is Your Design Business?