What Level is Your Design Business?

Anne Rue: Coaching Helped Identify Her Ideal Client and Her Business Value & Worth

Episode 255 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today we have Anne Rue on the show. Anne is the principal of Anne Rue Interiors and she has more than twenty years of experience in the world of Design, having worked with both high end residential and also commercial clients. Today, Anne shares tons of insights, from her vast experience as a business owner, for you to enjoy and appreciate.  Listen in, as she talks about the complete turnaround in her eighteen-year-old business after she hired a Business Coach and also about the reality of doing Reality TV.

Anne has been creating inspired living spaces for everyone, from professional athletes, multi-family housing properties, model merchandising, senior housing and even luxury motor coaches and yachts. Anne’s work has been featured in Florida Design, Orlando Magazine, Orange Appeal Magazine and she’s been a Design Expert on Orlando’s WESH News On Sunrise and Good Day Orlando, on Fox News. You may even know Anne as the Season Eight Fan Favorite, on HGTV’s Design Star, or possibly as the Designer on the hit show, Hotel Impossible, on the travel channel. Listen in now, to find out more about Anne and her fabulous Design Work.

Show highlights:

  • What drove Anne to seek help for her business, after nearly eighteen years.
  • The benefits of working for a really great Designer in your area, regardless of the kind of work you may be required to do.
  • The consequences of moonlighting on super luxury motor coaches and yachts.
  • Utilising the genius of two women and their teams.
  • Where Anne would like to be in her business, in ten years time.
  • Some of the things that Anne learned from her two genius mentors.
  • A book that Anne highly recommends: The Values Factor, by John Demartini.
  • The importance of knowing who you are and where you want to be.
  • The niche market that Anne is currently focusing on.
  • Why Anne is currently cultivating her Builder Relationships.
  • Working out if a project is really worth the time that it will take.
  • The importance of working out your values– both personal values and those relating to your business.
  • Anne’s whole experience of getting onto HGTV’s Design Star show. (HGTV Star)
  • A view in hindsight of the true reality behind Reality TV.
  • Why Anne is not pursuing a career in TV, even though she does really well with it.


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What Level is Your Design Business?