What Level is Your Design Business?

Kendra Bester – Advice and Reflections, in Business Under 5 Years.

Episode 249 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to another episode of A Well Designed Business! Today we have Kendra Bester with us on the show. She’s an Interior Decorator who runs her own firm in the Toronto area and today she talks to LuAnn about some of the challenges that she’s faced and the things that she’s learned in her first three years in business. She also discusses the importance of setting up great systems in your business and ensuring that you really have your finances in good order.  Listen in to find out more about Kendra and the way she runs her firm.

Kendra received her degree in Environmental Science from the University of Guelph. She then switched career tracks and enrolled at Humber College, in their Interior Decorating Program.  She graduated there with first-class honors and she’s now a Certified Interior Decorator. Listen in today, to find out more about Kendra’s take on the business side of Design.

Show highlights:

  • Some tips for new Designers about the right kind of questions to ask during the initial consultation with a client.
  • How to find the personal style for each client.
  • Developing a set of questions, to help your client figure out what they’re actually looking for.
  • Using Pinterest to help you discover patterns that your client could be gravitating towards.
  • The second consultation is really important- this is usually the make or breaks one.
  • Looking for clues to better inform you about your clients.
  • Dealing with situations where you feel you’re not the right fit for the project.
  • Gearing your portfolio towards the kinds of projects you’d really like to be doing in the future.
  • Pictures are really powerful! Take loads of them!
  • What it really takes to be the Boss Lady.
  • The importance of being in the know about the financial aspect of your business.
  • How Kendra handles the interview and hiring process.


A Link to Kendra’s bio here: About Kendra   Her Website: Kendra Bester Design   Her Instagram: @kendrabesterdesign   Find Kendra on Facebook: Kendra Bester Design   Pinterest: Kendra Bester  

What Level is Your Design Business?