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Power Talk Friday – Stephan Spencer – How To Build Traffic to Your Interior Design Website

Episode 238 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to today’s episode of Power Talk Friday! LuAnn is very excited to introduce Stephan Spencer, who she spent a short time with,  just a couple of weeks ago at the chaotic, yet exhilarating Podcast Movement in Anaheim. LuAnn and Stephan first met in a Mastermind about the future of podcasting, which was given by LuAnn’s friend, Edie Burke. When Stephan placed a copy of his (really thick) book on the table, LuAnn didn’t think she would ever be able to understand any of it and that really made her want to get to know what goes on in his brain. She’s been looking forward to having him on the show ever since then, so listen in now!

Stephan is an SEO expert and a best-selling author who has written has three books, all published by O’Reilly. They are The Art Of SEO, Social E-Commerce, and Google Power Search. In 1995, Stephan founded a multi-national SEO Agency, called Net Concepts, which he sold in 2010. His client list includes Zappos, Sony, Quicksilver, and Chanel.  He also has two Podcasts, the one is called The Optimised Geek and the other is Marketing Speak. Today Stephan answers some of LuAnn’s questions, which are related to SEO and to Stephan, as both a Podcast Host and a seasoned Podcast Guest. He also talks about his Podcast, The Optimised Geek, where he spends time speaking to people about how to improve their health and their wealth and also about how to reboot their lives. Listen in now, to find out more about Stephan, his Podcasts, and SEO and also to get some really actionable tips.

Show highlights:

  • Stephan shares his really inspiring story about Tony Robbins, who became a catalyst for Stephan’s own ‘life reboot’.
  • What Stephan gained from having been part of Tony Robbins’s amazing Platinum Partnership, for three years.
  • Stephan explains what SEO does and why it really matters.
  • Some of the ways that you can enhance your SEO, to really stand out from the rest.
  • Google will reward you for having really remarkable content in your website.
  • What Stephan needed to do, in terms of SEO, in order to appear on TV.
  • Using a dog to create a hook, to increase the emotional content of a TV segment.
  • Stephan explains the kind of ‘R and D’ that he does, in order to find inspiration for the very best content.
  • Using BuzzFeed to inspire you.
  • How to create the kinds of connections that will become ‘the rising tide that lifts all boats’.
  • The two processes that Stephan does in tandem, to help him with the discovery of the amazing content that he’s created.
  • Who Google sees as the really big influencers. (Stephan calls them the Linkeratti!)
  • Pitchbox– a tool that Stephan uses regularly.
  • Identifying the content that’s linked to the influencers- these will all be powerful links for you to use.
  • Writing authentic blog posts that are actually geared towards the big influencers.
  • Creating a really solid pitch, with a great hook.
  • Pinterest- it has way more staying power than Instagram does.
  • Why Google hates guest posts and guest bloggers.
  • A great tool to see if what you’re thinking of targeting, is actually going to be a popular keyword, or not. (moz.com/explorer)
  • The services that Stephan has to offer. You can contact him at stephanspencer.com


His email: stephan@stephanspencer.com

What Level is Your Design Business?