What Level is Your Design Business?

Claire Jefford- How To Get More Clients With Video Content

Episode 237 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today we have Claire Jefford on the show! LuAnn knows that hundreds of the Interior Designers that are in the three different Facebook Groups she’s in are really cheering like crazy now because they all know Claire from her Design and also from her inspiring leadership, so listen in to find out more!

Claire came into Interior Design in 2011, after a career in Human Resources and People Management. She found her way to Interior Design and then started her own firm. Her really exceptional organizational skills, combined with her drive, have contributed to the great success of her business, which is still fairly young. Now, in addition to Interior Design, Claire offers Coaching where she teaches other Designers to replicate her success. Although Claire has done some really great things in her career, today we will try to focus on a particular super power of hers- creating quality video content for her Design firm.  Her videos have a big part to play the success of both her firm and her Coaching business, so listen in now, as Claire shares some of her best tips for creating really professional video content, on today’s show.

Show highlights:

  • Claire’s incredible level of interaction, leadership, and expertise, on her Facebook Group, Interior Design Business Strategies.
  • What Claire’s career in Human Resources involved and how it’s informed her career in Interior Design.
  • Claire explains how she manages to produce her really professional looking videos- all by herself!
  • The difference between doing a Facebook Live and doing a Youtube video.
  • The importance of having a plan, ahead of time, for your video.
  • How and where Claire uses her videos on the services she offers. People really relate to them.
  • Claire explains some of the technical aspects of how she makes her videos.
  • You really don’t need a fancy setup to make professional looking videos if you’re using a smartphone.
  • If the content is good, people are going to watch, even if you don’t look your best.
  • How Claire edits her videos and the software she uses to do that.
  • The numerous things that you can do with the Camtasia App.
  • Creating a moving video out of still pictures with Camtasia.
  • How long it took for Claire to become adept at using Camtasia. It really isn’t that complicated.
  • How Claire cues herself when making her videos.
  • How Claire manages to re-use her video content from Youtube to Facebook Live, Instagram, or even to send to a client.
  • How to let people know where to find your videos.
  • The benefits of not being perfect.
  • The marketing value in producing a body of work on Youtube.
  • Why you need to keep asking your clients for reviews for your videos.
  • How Claire goes about asking her clients for reviews.
  • Claire’s great, actionable tips for new Designers who don’t yet have a portfolio.
  • All about Claire’s soon to be launched a course on making videos. There will be a special launch price.
  • The great resources available for those of you who are looking for more in-depth information from Claire, on how to market your business through video. 


Claire’s website: http://www.clairejefford.com

What Level is Your Design Business?