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Rachelle DiCecco – Certified Cruelty Free Design – Course Graduate

Episode 224 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today is the third show in the series which has been sponsored by Certified Cruelty Free Design, which is the heart project and brainchild of Deborah Rosenberg, of DiMare Design in Miami, Florida. If this is the first time that you’re listening to this show, you can go back and listen to #82, where we met Deborah Rosenberg, to find out more about her and how she runs her business.

Then, in episode #117, she explains in detail about the CEU Course that she created, in Certified Cruelty Free Design. Then there is the sponsored show, with this being the third show of that series. In episode #212, Deborah spoke about her Course and about why it’s so important for you to consider, as a Designer. In episode #218, Deborah explained the resources and marketing of Certified Cruelty Free Design. Go back and listen in, because all these shows are really well worth listening to.

Today, we get to meet Rachelle DiCecco, an Interior Design Student in Australia. Rachelle is in her final semester and when she heard about Certified Cruelty Free Design, she decided to take the course. On the show today, Rachelle shares her impressions of the course and her opinions about its content and also, how she expects to make use of it in her career as an Interior Designer. Listen in now, to find out more about the ins and outs of Deborah’s Certified Cruelty Free Design Course.

Show highlights:

  • Rachelle explains what compelled her to take the course. She found no other course like it when doing her research.
  • Rachelle explains, in practical terms, how one goes about taking the course, the time it takes and what it consists of. The course is extremely flexible and you can jump in and out of it whenever you want to, so it’s very easy to work with.
  • Rochelle talks about the content of the course. There was way more content there than she expected to find.
  • Rochelle explains about the fantastic support system which has been set up for everyone taking the course, all around the world.
  • Rochelle found that she was completely satisfied with the whole course.
  • Rachelle talks about the impact that the course has had on her and what she’s come to realize, since taking it.
  • The kind of responsibility that follows the Cruelty Free awareness.
  • How Rachelle intends to incorporate what she’s learned in the course, into her future career.
  • The great response from Rachelle’s lecturers, towards her taking the course.
  • How Rachelle intends to deal with clients who want to use leather or other non-sustainable products.
  • Becoming part of this worldwide socially conscious, ethical network was a really huge thing for Rachelle. It’s way bigger than she previously thought.
  • Rachelle will never look furniture in quite the same way again.
  • The vast amount of ethical alternatives that Rachelle intends to bring to the attention of her future clients.


Rachelle’s Website: Certified Cruelty Free   Her Twiter: Cert Cruelty-Free

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What Level is Your Design Business?