What Level is Your Design Business?

LuAnn Discusses Setting Clear Goals on Blissful Bites Podcast

Episode 196 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today’s show is a very different one. LuAnn is airing someone else’s podcast on her feed and she really hopes that you will like it! She was a guest on Nicole Culver’s podcast, called A Few Blissful Bites, a few weeks ago. Nicole is a podcaster and business person who teaches food bloggers how to turn their blogs into profitable businesses. LuAnn listens to Nicole’s podcast because she truly believes that business principals are business principals and anybody who does a good job of expressing and teaching them, is worth listening to. So she asked Nicole to be a guest on her show, but the funny thing is that Nicole said that LuAnn should be on her show too! Listen in as LuAnn and Nicole talk about building a business that you can be proud of.


The thing about Nicole is that she’s very actionable. She runs a community, she has a Blogger To Business Support Group, where she offers training and resources, she does workshops and she does goal check-ins and live Q & A- and she brings all of this to her food bloggers. LuAnn knows that if you’re an Interior Designer who’s blogging, and you would like to turn that blog into something that earns money for you some day, that Nicole’s resources and her community will be valuable to you. LuAnn points out that she has no financial investment in this at all- she just knows that good business strategies for a Food Blog will be good business strategies for a Design Blog. Listen in now, as LuAnn and Nicole talk about the things that really drive business and profit.


Today, LuAnn talks to Nicole about:

  • Why, if you were to take the word ‘design’ out of her podcast, it could apply to the food (or any other) industry also.
  • How LuAnn actually got into podcasting.
  • That what LuAnn and her partners have as their core belief is that you have to stick to your company mission.
  • That you have to filter your new ideas if you want to be really successful with your main bread and butter business.
  • That there is a hurdle to doing podcasts consistently and well- it has to support your main business.
  • LuAnn tells a story to highlight the real importance of her partners and herself having understood who their customer was, in the beginning, with their brick and mortar business.
  • Figuring out your niche and positioning yourself for your ideal market.
  • How LuAnn deals with competition without letting it affect her business.
  • That you need to know your competition, but not worry about them.
  • LuAnn’s intention for her podcast and how it’s really helped her business.
  • That LuAnn really understood her priorities and her passion, when she started doing her podcast.
  • What LuAnn did to attract her ideal listener for her podcast- working with intention.

Nicole’s website:  http://nicoleculverblog.com

What Level is Your Design Business?