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Power Talk Friday – Jan Bowen: Cultivating Your Intuition is Smart for You & For Your Interior Design Business.

Episode 189 of A Well-Designed Business®

The guest for today’s Power Talk Friday is Jan Bowen, the Founder, and Principal of Strategic Solution Services. Jan is an author, a keynote speaker, a catalyst and a thought leader, with the central theme of her work being alignment. Jan talks about work aligning with life from both the inside and the outside. She is passionate about helping people to live their lives fully, through her work as an Author, a Coach, and a Public Speaker as well as through her business. Listen in to find out more about Jan and the really inspiring work she does.

LuAnn could talk to Jan about any of the several aspects of coaching that she does- Leadership Coaching and working with teams or individuals, but the subject of intuition is the one that came up. There are so many things that LuAnn can teach, but she realized that although she’s a huge believer in intuition and she’s spent her whole life, since childhood, cultivating it, she feels that teaching people how to cultivate and follow their intuition isn’t something that she can break down into actionable advice. Intuition has become so instinctive for her that she doubts she has the language to teach it. So, today LuAnn will talk about that with Jan, because Jan really knows how to teach people how to use it- it relates to leadership training and to interactions with clients. Listen in now and find out from Jan how you can cultivate your intuition and use it to enhance your life and business.

Today, LuAnn talks to Jan about:

  • How her intuition speaks to her.
  • How she teaches people to cultivate their intuition.
  • What people tend to think that intuition is.
  • Allowing your intuition to build and develop.
  • Keeping a log of your successes with your intuition.
  • How to know the difference between just an idea and her intuition.
  • That intuition is rational- it’s not emotional.
  • Starting with knowing what your personal feelings about intuition really are.
  • That your intuition will never lead you into harm- it will save you.
  • Your intuition is really your truest self, talking to you.
  • Paying attention to ways that you get your intuitive messages and the miraculous patterns that they form.
  • That many people get their intuitive messages when they’re showering.
  • Having goals for how you would like your intuition to work for you.
  • How Jan uses her intuition in a unique way, within business relationships.
  • The many, many areas in your life that intuition can really work for you.
  • Keeping track of how your intuition talks to you, to increase the intuitive messages that you will receive.
  • Clearing your clutter, to be still and better hear your intuitive voice.
  • When you are physiologically busy, you can often be more open to hearing your intuition.
  • Allowing your intuition to talk to you, as you really do have all the information that you need, for everything.
  • Listening carefully to pick up the non-verbal messages that people are giving you.
  • That your heart is really intelligent!
  • Why you need to trust and follow your hunches.
  • That using your intuition makes it grow stronger.
  • Intuition is part of the human condition.


Jan’s books:

It’s Not That Complicated- How To Create A Personalised Template Of Alignment.

Why Do You Get Up In The Morning?- Demystifying Life Purpose

How To Hear What You Know


Jan’s website: http://www.janlbowen.com

Jan is also on Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter

What Level is Your Design Business?