What Level is Your Design Business?

Natalie Hurst- Business on Her Terms- Full- Time Mom & Wife and Part-Time Designer

Episode 172 of A Well-Designed Business®

If you’d like to hear about a business  perspective that’s very different to that of the bigger firms which are usually featured on the show, you’ll enjoy today’s episode, with Natalie Hurst, who’s first a full-time mom and wife and second, a part-time Interior Designer. Listen in and find out how Natalie does it. You’re going to find it interesting!


Natalie, who lives in Salt Lake City Utah, with her husband and four children, graduated from Brigham Young University in 2003 with a B.Sa in Interior Design. After working in the lighting industry for a few years, she spent the next ten years away from the design world, consulting occasionally with friends or family. In 2014 she felt ready to dive back in and so she started Natalie Hurst Interiors. Listen in today, as Natalie shares her ideas on work and business flow, from a very different perspective.


Today, Natalie talks to LuAnn about:

  • How she decided to start her business at such a busy time in her life.
  • That she’s comfortable with doing her business part time, for the time being.
  • The specific work-life balance that she’s found, that works for her.
  • That her life could appear disorganized and stressful to someone else.
  • How she structures the phases of her work, both consciously and organically.
  • Attracting the clientele that you want.
  • Charging prices that are appropriate to your desired clientele.
  • How she prepares for her really busy design weeks.
  • Coping with very specific challenges.
  • That her sourcing is mostly done online.
  • How she organizes her workspace, at home.
  • That she keeps track of things by taking lots of notes.
  • Her really honest relationships with her vendors.
  • Having confidence in asking for help.
  • How she structures her fees.
  • How she landed her very first client.
  • Word of mouth is the only marketing tool that she needs at the moment.
  • How she came to being featured in Pregnancy And New Born Magazine from a picture on Instagram.
  • That Instagram is an authentic and effective marketing tool for her.
What Level is Your Design Business?