What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday- Danielle Liss- Co-Founder of HashTag Legal- And She’s the Chillest Lawyer You’ll Ever Meet

Episode 171 of A Well-Designed Business®

Are you intimidated at the thought of going to see a lawyer about your business? Or do you feel that they may look down on you and not take your business seriously? If so, you really need to listen in to today’s show, with LuAnn’s expert guest, Danielle Liss, who is a lawyer who has absolutely nothing invested in intimidating her clients.

Quite the opposite, actually- Danielle and her partner, Jamie Lieberman have a firm called HashtagLegal and they allow a potential client to purchase only what they really need, even if it’s only a once off conversation. They don’t want people to feel that legal work is inaccessible. They believe that a lawyer should be a partner, to help your business grow and to help you to make strategic decisions. Listen in now and find out what Danielle has to say, that could benefit you and your business.


Danielle was previously Chief Marketing Officer and General Council for Fitfluential, an Influencer’s Network that concentrates on health and wellness initiatives. She has loads of experience in creating and negotiating contracts, interpreting FTC guidelines and creating website policies. She’s also worked for a Fortune 500 Bank and spent some time in private practice. As well as this, she is an accomplished speaker, having spoken at dozens of conferences on legal issues, related to bloggers and social media pros. Listen in and find out what you really need to know, legally speaking.


Today, Danielle talks to LuAnn about:


  • How hard it is, at times, for people to figure out the kind of legal service that they really need.
  • Those lawyers have a tendency to not take people and their businesses as seriously as people would like them to.
  • The kinds of things that they like to help people through.
  • What she would suggest for people who are starting out in an Interior Design business and are looking for some advice.
  • The kinds of entities that you can create for your business- an LLC or a Corporation and what each one will involve.
  • The costs involved to file the paperwork for either an LLC or a Corporation.
  • Why you shouldn’t skip on the legal stuff when building your brand.
  • The importance of figuring out and crafting a letter of agreement with your client.
  • What to outline in a letter of agreement with a client.
  • How to extricate yourself from a design agreement, legally.
  • The importance of being really clear about what you are being engaged for.
  • Creating clear communication boundaries.
  • Indemnity provisions and making sure that you are going to be held harmless in certain types of claims.
  • Making provision for the gray areas in a standard client contract.
  • Creating contracts for sub-contractors.
  • The importance of vetting the contractors that you work with.
  • Making sure that your clients are okay with being included in your portfolio, in a confidentiality provision.
  • Site terms, disclaimers, and legal and privacy policies on your website.
  • The importance of disclosing your retargeting pixels.
  • Liabilities on Facebook Live and Youtube.
  • Protecting yourself against ‘nonsense lawsuits’, which could end up costing you five figures!
  • The importance of disclosing and maintaining transparency about what you’re doing on your website or blog.


Danielle’s website: http://www.hashtag-legal.com


Danielle’s email: danielle@hashtag-legal.com

What Level is Your Design Business?