What Level is Your Design Business?

Corey Klassen & Judith Neary- CEU: Beyond Design- Establishing Monetary Value for Creative Skills

Episode 170 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today’s show features, Corey Klassen and Judith Neary. While there’s a host of topics we could talk to them about, today we are focusing our conversation on the new CEU that they have created. There is so much value in their CEU. Judith is a certified bath and kitchen designer, and she moved to the manufacturing side and now works on implementing business processes. She offers a comprehensive designers perspective as a consultant and she’s known for doing weird really well!

Corey is also a certified bath and kitchen designer, and a Certified Designer with experience in commercial and residential design. He opened his own firm in 2011 and has won many awards and been featured in many design magazines. He teaches and continues to expand his professional credentials. He is known for creating symmetry in awkward spaces.

Together, Judith and Corey co-lecture all across the US and teach designers about the business of design. This led to the creation of their new CEU.


In this episode Corey and Judith discuss:

  • How My Doma Studio plays a role in the new CEU course.
  • Learn what a “psychographic” is and why it matters to Corey.
  • Why Judith does weird so very well.
  • Find out how hard it is to make your kitchen match your aura!
  • The rules for designers are different since the recession.
  • Learn how Judith and Corey met and teamed up!
  • Corey and Judith are polar opposites – and it works!
  • The process of working through psychographics.
  • There’s an art in knowing when to refer someone out – learn it today.
  • Homeowners truly don’t understand what designers do.
  • Find out why a site visit isn’t being fully utilized and how Corey changed it!
  • The CEU can help designers regain valuable administrative charges.
  • Find out which course is best for you



mydomastudio.com/beyonddesign – Register for the course

First course starts May 10

Course for seasoned designers starts May 18


Corey’s website:


Judith Neary’s website:



Not sure if the CEU course is right for you? Here’s a detailed description:

Beyond Design: Establishing Monetary Value for Creative Skills

Judith and I have co-authored a 2hr CEU that is IDCEC Approved and has been presented at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (in current format) this year with sold-out attendance. We’re already scheduled for 2018. Previous formats have been sold-out at KBIS 2015, 2016 and IDS Vancouver 2014.

So, what is this? The start of the course came out of personal and professional challenges that Judith and I have separately had with the ever-changing market of clients who shop online, watch media shows, read mommy-blogs and thing they can do it all for a shoe-string budget. 

Why this course? Interior design education is really great at teaching the basics of business and excels at creativity, but if the business is 80% and creativity is 20% we really have our shirts on backwards.

Why now? Personally, after I was apart of the DXV Design Panel in 2014, my business went from a home office to taking over my home, adding and employee, and now in a studio location with a Team. I when to show much incredible professional growth that I’ve nearly thrown in the towel a few times, but if I love what I do I had to find a way to do what I love.

I’m sure Judith will have more to contribute, and I’m sure I’ll run down the road and leave her at the stop sign too, but we’re really excited to talk about why running a scalable business is achievable with a solid plan (or without one…) I truly admire Judith and her skills, she has been such a great friend, co-conspirator, and advisor to me and I’m sure she has her shared values about me.

Here’s a link to our upcoming course hosted by Mydoma Studio!


What Level is Your Design Business?