What Level is Your Design Business?

Amber Lewis- Keynote Speaker at Design Blogger’s Conference

Episode 169 of A Well-Designed Business®

The guest on today’s show is Amber Lewis, who was a Key Note Speaker at the recent Design Blogger’s Conference. LuAnn didn’t get to talk to her at the conference, so she’s really happy to interview Amber on today’s show, as there were parts of her story that LuAnne thought were really fun and interesting.  LuAnn finds Amber’s body of work and what she’s managed to accomplish at such a young age, to be incredible. Listen in now and get some great tips for gaining followers on social media.

Amber spent a couple of years working for Elizabeth Lamont (#17) at her store, Room With A View, in Santa Monica. This is where she first fell in love with pretty things and with design and started to feel a pull in that direction. Listen in and find out how Amber first discovered her niche in the world of design and how her business has evolved and grown, since then.


Today, Amber talks to LuAnn about: 

  • How she first started out, working for Elizabeth Lamont and where she went, from there.
  • How she initially didn’t connect being an Interior Designer with making a living.
  • How much she gained from working for and being mentored by Kirsten Marie.
  • Why she only hires people who have completed school.
  • How she learned about design on the job, through making mistakes, rather than going to school.
  • That she runs her business as a team effort.
  • What it was like for her, speaking at the Design Blogger’s Conference.
  • Why you shouldn’t compare your own business with the appearance of someone else’s success.
  • How she first started to develop a name for herself through her initial obsessive engagement with her community.
  • How she has learned and progressed through her business.
  • Creating a formula to her really successful method of engagement with social media.
  • Her e-commerce store- how it started through her blog which documented the decoration of her home.
  • Her Flash Sales on Instagram- a great way to gain followers.
  • Her struggle with sacrificing her family time for the huge amount of time and attention that she poured into developing her business.
  • Her milestones, analyzing why her followers were coming back.
  • The first time her house was properly published, in Glitter Guide and in HD TV Magazine how she used the pics to her advantage.
  • The silly names she uses for her clients’ hashtags!
  • Her fabulous photographer, Tessa W, who she’s used on all her projects.
  • The value of using really great photography.
  • Being featured in Architectural Digest last October, for her kitchen.
  • Working with agencies for blog sponsorship.
  • Brand ambassadorship and how it has developed.
  • That she does all her own writing for all her social media platforms.

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What Level is Your Design Business?