What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday: LuAnn Nigara- The Things I Learned From A Well- Designed Business. Part 1 of Design Bloggers Conference Presentation

Episode 165 of A Well-Designed Business®

In today’s Power Talk Friday episode, I’m kicking off the Design Bloggers Conference Summary series. I was inspired by the conference that was held in Los Angeles in March, and I wanted to share it with you. I had to condense my presentation down to only 13 minutes for the conference, but I can take the time here to expand! I’m covering my top lessons learned through podcasting about interior design. We’ll go over the first three lessons today and cover the rest next week. Join me now!

Influence and authority are gained through NICHING

  • This subject comes up repeatedly with guests on the show
  • Here are a few episodes in which niching was discussed:
    • Episode 15 and 159 with Nancy Ganzekaufer —“Niche is rich!”
    • Episode 41 with Cheryl Janis—Niching can help create a space that increases revenue
    • Episode 106 with Taylor Spellman—She niched down her design business to target bachelors in Manhattan
    • Episodes 82 and 117 with Deborah Rosenberg—She extended her belief system to her design business
    • Episode 77 with Katie Deedy—She taught us about setting yourself apart, creating focus and clarity, and being able to raise your rates when you become a recognized expert
  • Your “About You” page is CRITICAL
    • Episodes 22, 48, and 96 with Fred Berns—Much insight into the “About You” page
    • Episode 125 with Nicole Heymer—“I’m the interior designer that . . . “
  • Establish your company’s MISSION and CORE VALUES
    • Episodes 26 and 66 with Kae Whitaker—Core values can push your business forward
    • Episode 78 with my husband, Vince—“Everything you do must support your company’s mission.”
    • Episode 73 with Kim Kuhteubl—Check out her book, Branding + Interior Design


What Level is Your Design Business?