What Level is Your Design Business?

Susan Wintersteen- Savvy Giving by Design

Episode 164 of A Well-Designed Business®

If you think your life is busy, get ready to meet Susan Winterstein, of Savvy Interiors, in San Diego, California. As well as running an Interior Design Firm, she also has Inside Savvy, a Retail Store and Savvy Giving By Design, a non-profit organization. Susan also has a husband and five daughters. Listen in today, to an awesome conversation with a remarkable woman.


On today’s show, the focus is on her non-profit, Savvy Giving By Design. LuAnn is truly overwhelmed with what Susan is doing. She points out that even though there are other designers who are involved with different ways of helping out and giving back, Susan has turned her business into a full on Non- profit Organisation of her own, with an extremely organized platform. Listen in to find out more.


Today, Susan talks to LuAnn about:


  • What drew her to turn her business into a Non-profit Organisation and how she started out with it.
  • Why she keeps her Facebook Group small and intimate and runs it the way that she does.
  • How she went about finding another child for her project, after the first one and the whole process that followed that.
  • How she got started as an official Non-profit Organisation.
  • Her goal of tapping into bigger and better vendor relationships.
  • How hard it is to get corporate attention onto her projects.
  • Putting out the Funder Needs – why this is critical when you’re in your social media community and the success that Susan has had with it.
  • Although they rely on donations, there are certain things which have to be paid for- like painters.
  • If the child that Susan is creating a space for has siblings, she does their rooms as well.
  • What goes into the decision of who the next child will be to receive her tremendous gift.
  • That she’s willing to assist other designers to do as she does with Savvy Giving By Design, even if they’re located in other states.
  • The grounding effect that working with people who would not normally use the services of a designer, has on designers.
  • How she would love to see designers helping designers to do something to pay it forward.


The main website for Susan’s Non-profit: http://www.savvygivingbydesign.org

Susan’s website: http://www.savvyinteriors.com

Susan’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SavvyGivingbyDesign/

Susan on social media: Youtube

Instagram: @Savvy Giving By Design

What Level is Your Design Business?