What Level is Your Design Business?

Rhea Mader – Tumbleweed Interiors and Co-Host of The Wellness Design Podcast

Episode 158 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today on the show I have Rhea Mader! Rhea is the principal of Tumbleweed Interiors in Kansas and an interior designer who specializes in health care facilities. Rhea provides sustainable designs that improve better quality of life, cost effective, eco-friendly and evidence-based design. Her goal is to see patients and residents live independently with hope and dignity. Rhea earned her BFA/IFA at the Academy of Art University in California and she is also LEED and CLIPP certified. Rhea and I met through Cheryl Janice, who if you are an avid listener of this podcast you know who Cheryl Janice is. She was one of the first guests that talked to us about how she specifically walked away from being a generalist designer into a specialist. I use her as an example a lot! If you are new to the show, please go and listen to episode 41 after this episode because it will really fill in the spaces that we take for granted that Rhea and I talk about.

Show Notes:

  • What is the name of Rhea and Cheryl’s new podcast?
  • What is the new podcast going to be about and what audience is the podcast focused towards?
  • What key elements would help create a better environment?
  • What is an evidence-based design?
  • How Rhea and Cheryl meet each other?
  • Where did Rhea work after she got out of school and what did she discover while at this job?
  • What is clip?
  • When did Rhea realize she wanted to specialize in healthcare design?
  • How did it effect Rhea not having a mentor?
  • How did joining a mastermind help Rhea?
  • What process did Rhea go through to rebrand?
  • How often does she create a newsletter for her marketing?
  • What is Rhea’s “avatar”?






What Level is Your Design Business?