What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday: Carmen Torres- Human Resource Specialist

Episode 156 of A Well-Designed Business®

It’s time for another power talk Friday! I am happy to say that I have Carmen Torres with me today! Carmen Torres is a HR specialist. She has over twenty years in experience helping employers create equitable and safe work space environments for both employers and employees. She is a trusted advisor to many organizations and has helped many small to midsize businesses and non-profits produce reliable and stable HR departments. 

She has a 360 analysis of the human resource function that results in building job descriptions, policy and procedure manuals, conflict resolution, employee retention, employee termination structures, compliance, audits and standards and employee communications. This is for everybody whether you have fifty employees or just one. You need to know these procedures so that an employee can’t come back and sue you. 

Show Notes:

  • What should a business owner be looking for on a candidate’s resume?
  • Are there red flags on a resume to look for?
  • How should you approach calling references?
  • What do you do when you have a hard time trying to get in contact with a reference?
  • What can you say legally if you don’t have a great reference to give about a previous employee?
  • What are some different ways to give a reference?
  • How do you have the conversation with an employee that is not right for the job?
  • What sorts of the things should be discussed when talking to an employee that is not meeting expectations?
  • When should an employer talk to an employee about their performance if it’s not where it needs to be?



What Level is Your Design Business?