What Level is Your Design Business?

Gary Inman – VP Hospitality at Baskervill- How To Succeed in Hospitality Design

Episode 154 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today’s guest is Gary Inman! If you don’t know who Gary Inman is, get ready! Gary is a nationally celebrated, award-winning interior designer, author, and public speaker. He has been published in major magazines and several other places. Gary is also the vice president of Hospitality with Baskervill, which is an international giant in hospitality serving four star and five stars luxury hotels and resorts. His design métier includes handbags, women’s evening wear, textiles, lighting, rugs and furniture including his acclaimed Home Couture Collection for more counsel. He is also a High Point Style Spotter, an Instagram taste maker, the editor of Art and Fine Living and the popular guest on TV programs. 

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Show Notes:

  • How did Gary maximize his visibility for what he can do as a designer when starting out?
  • What are the different skill sets needed for hospitality design?
  • Who does a hospitality designer work with the most every day?
  • Why does hospitality design require so much research?
  • What would be a deal breaker to being involved in hospitality design?
  • What does he look for in a hospitality designer?
  • What kind of research should be done for this kind of design?
  • What is the “weeding out process”?
  • What is a spec writer?
  • What are some other ways that a designer can make their way into hospitality design?





What Level is Your Design Business?