What Level is Your Design Business?

Chris Kofitsas – How To Successfully Work with Architects and Builders

Episode 152 of A Well-Designed Business®

Our guest today, Chris Kofitsas is the president of “New World Design Builders”. If you have ever had the pleasure of dining at Catch LA, Catch New York City or ABC Kitchen in New York City then you have had the pleasure of experiencing Chris’s work firsthand. Today Chris is going to tell us about his unique firm. Chris is the architect, builder and interior designer on all of his projects. Over twenty years of experience and training allows him to interlace these disciplines of architecture, interior, furniture and lighting design into an immersive experience paired with his discerning eye for beauty, attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Chris is one of the most sought after hospitality interior designers and the industries recognized Chris’s designs with multiple awards.

Show Notes:

  • How many businesses are there that the designer, builder and architect are all the same person?
  • After going to school what was Chris’s next step?
  • How did the relationship change between Chris and his favorite professor help him with his business?
  • Why did he reconstruct his business?
  • Where does the communication start between a builder and architecture?
  • What sort of things should you look for in good communication?
  • What does he look for when interviewing a new designer?
  • What is an important quality to have when working with someone else?
  • How many people work for Chris’s firm?
  • Advice for new people on how to get a job for a firm like Chris?





What Level is Your Design Business?