What Level is Your Design Business?

Brittanie Elms – Founder of My Design Assistant – She Could Be Your Next Employee

Episode 149 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today Brittanie Elms is with me on the show. Brittanie is a smart, young go-getter who recently founded and launched her own company called My Design Assistant. Brittanie recently reached out to me because she is an avid listener of the show and she was interested in a sponsorship and wanted to know what that entailed. So, while that didn’t work out I was so impressed by her and her services and the concept of hers that I asked her to be on the show. My Design Assistant is a virtual design service specifically for interior designers. The purpose of this service is to decrease the behind the scenes work and to allow the interior design owner to focus on the business while finding time for themselves.

Show Notes:

  • Where are virtual assistants most known?
  • What is Brittanie’s ideal customer/client?
  • What are Brittanie’s goals with her business, My Design Assistant?
  • What are the tasks that Brittanie would help a client within a normal day?
  • What are the structures that a client can use to bill their services?
  • In her opinion, what sort of things should a designer look for when hiring an in-person or virtual assistant?
  • What are some challenges she has come across with a virtual assistant?
  • How did she come up with the idea to create My Design Assistant?






What Level is Your Design Business?