What Level is Your Design Business?

Michelle Wiebe of Studio M: How To Break Into The New Construction Custom Luxury Design Niche

Episode 148 of A Well-Designed Business®

On the show today, we have Michelle Wiebe! Michelle is the principal of Studio M in Tampa, Florida. The specialty of Michelle’s firm is luxury residential new construction. I know we have talked to quite a few designers in this field I haven’t really picked their brain as much as I did with Michelle today. 

Her firm in addition to luxury residential, new construction they also do family condominiums, corporate headquarters, medical offices and small-scale hospitality spaces. Michelle is a busy lady! In addition to all of this, she serves on the board of interior design at Florida State University her Almer mater. She also serves on the high point market authority board and she goes all over the country speaking on design social media. She is the editor of Impression, the Studio M design blog.

Show Notes:

  • How many years has Studio M been in business?
  • How does one show their specialty in luxury residential new construction on social media?
  • What should a new designer know before taking on a big project in luxury residential new construction?
  • What is a CEU?
  • How can a designer educate themselves on different codes that need to be known before going into a project?
  • What should the contract consist of?
  • Can you really learn what you need to know from classes?
  • How should make your client feel?
  • Are there times when certain “projects” in a project should be hired outside of the firm?
  • Who does Michelle have on her team at her firm?
  • What does Michelle look for when going through the hiring process?
  • What is High Point Market Authority?
  • What sort of app can you use at the High Point Market Authority?
  • How long can you serve on the board for High Point Market Authority?




What Level is Your Design Business?