What Level is Your Design Business?

Amanda Reynal – Exacting Systems Are The Foundation For Your Success

Episode 146 of A Well-Designed Business®

If this is your first time, I am so happy that you found us! Today I am pleased to introduce you to Amanda Reynal! Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts at Trinity College. She then studied the masters abroad in Florence, Italy and ultimately learned her trade at the New York School of Interior Design and Parsons School of Design. Recently, she spent three years in London which provided the perfect venue for traveling and continuing her education in English and European decorative arts and antiques as well as contemporary art. Amanda’s introduction to interior design began in New York first at an architecture firm and then as a senior design associate at the prestigious Cullman and Kravis. You will hear today that this had a huge influence on her future success. In 2001, Amanda founded Amanda Reynal Interiors in Des Moines, Iowa which was born through a huge break with the opportunity to design the master bedroom suite at the Des Moines Symphony show house.

Show Notes:

  • What stayed with Amanda while she worked at Cullman and Kravis?
  • What is the process for an estimate to be executed?
  • What kind of transition did she go through when she went from an established firm to the beginning of her own business?
  • What characteristics or sorts of things does Amanda look for when hiring a team member?
  • What was it like to go from New York to Iowa?
  • How did Amanda reinvent her business: Amanda Reynal Interiors?
  • What are some steps that she took to make the transition?
  • What kind of thought did she put into picking her new space?
  • What should you look for when finding a space for your new business?






What Level is Your Design Business?