What Level is Your Design Business?

Ann Feldstein & Jennifer Powell Tumpowsky from Moxie Marketing – Let’s Talk Marketing with 2 Pro’s!

Episode 139 of A Well-Designed Business®

I have two dynamos in the marketing and PR world, Ann Feldstein and Jennifer Powell Tumpowsky of Moxie Marketing and Communications. We are going to talk today about how to be prepared to work with a PR marketing firm and what you can expect them to help you with if you do hire one.

But first a little background on these two accomplished women. Moxie Marketing and Communications is a New York-based public relations marketing firm representing interior designers, architects, manufacturers and brands in the interior design industry. Founder and President, Ann Feldstein and her partner, Jennifer Powell Tumpowsky have twenty plus combined years of industry specific experience. Ann, throughout her career, has worked on high-end brands and for fifteen years she was the Vice President of Communications at Kravet Inc. At Kravet, she focused on B2B marketing and PR, media and event planning and was a part owner of CrossFit Sanctuary.

Jennifer is a native of High Point, North Carolina and her passion for the design industry and deep understanding of marketing makes her a valuable asset to their clients. Jennifer joined Moxie in April of 2016 after she also spent time at Kravet Inc. Jennifer was at Kravet for seven years and was the Director of Communications and oversaw the development of strategy, implementation of social media, copyrighting, public relations and assisted with events, product launching and media planning. Jennifer has visited every major design center in the country. She speaks to designers large and small about the power of social media and the importance of marketing in the interior design industry.


Show Notes:

  • What is it like to be a client at Moxie Marketing and Communications?
  • Does their business work with interior designers that don’t know what their goals are?
  • What is a brand presence?
  • What is the purpose of going to different events?
  • What does it mean to have a good social media presence?
  • What are some principles for good social media campaign?
  • How many social platforms should a business be on?
  • Are there certain things that someone should have ready before deciding to work with a PR firm?
  • How important is communication for your business?
  • How should you capture your work?
  • What is something that you need to make sure is very clear on your website or page?




What Level is Your Design Business?