What Level is Your Design Business?

Ashleigh Esprit – Atlanta Interior Design Student and Blogger

Episode 136 of A Well-Designed Business®

On the show, today it is kind of a departure for the podcast because I am going to be speaking with an interior design student: Ashleigh Esprit. Ashleigh is a student Gwinnett Technical College in Atlanta, Georgia and she is working on her associates degree in interior design. She will complete her associates degree in the spring of 2017 and then attend Brunel University in the fall to get her masters in interior design. She has had great success in her internships and working with a great company, Sherwin Williams. She is very passionate about design and very passionate about her colleagues. She has started a blog, The Life of an Interior Design Student. In the interview, you will learn how Ashleigh and I came to know each other and what I have learned about her to make me respect her. 

Show Notes:

  • Why did Ashleigh start a blog for interior design students?
  • What are some of the struggles that she has experienced that other students have as well?
  • How does Ashleigh overcome her times when she is having trouble staying inspired?
  • What made Ashleigh want to be involved in the interior design business and study more about interior design?
  • Are there any classes that Ashleigh thinks are more beneficial than others?
  • Does Ashleigh think internships are important?
  • Is there anything that she thinks should be included in the interior design curriculum that isn’t explained well enough already?
  • Is Ashleigh a part of ASID?
  • What are Ashleigh’s goals for her career in interior design?
  • What are some other blogs that she has connected with?
  • Has Ashleigh learned anything from doing her blog: The Life of an Interior Design Student?


The Life of an Interior Design Student


What Level is Your Design Business?