What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday – Cathi Hargaden – Feng Shui Influences Your Personal & Business Success

Episode 132 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today I have Cathi Hargaden on this power talk Friday! Interestingly enough for you interior designers, she is a feng shui expert. She has been practicing and teaching this for over twenty years.  She has taught this at workshops, universities, demonstrations at retail stores, hospitals, homes etc. She has traveled to several countries doing this for small businesses. I know you are all thinking we already know about feng shui and how to teach this. What we are going to talk to Cathi about is how feng shui relates to our business and success.

Show Notes:

  • What ways can you bring tenacity to your business?
  • What is so important about what “sits behind you”?
  • What should be in front of you at your workspace?
  • How can you make your environment project what kind of person you are?
  • How should your desk be arranged in your workplace?
  • How can plants help your work environment?
  • How can you put power into your workspace?
  • In what way, should an interior designer’s layout their personal space?
  • What sort of help or tools does Cathi have to declutter?
  • How do you identify what elements you need more of?
  • What does water flow represent?
  • What is the power of signs?
  • How does space clearing relate to safety?
  • How many different kinds of feng shui are there?




What Level is Your Design Business?