What Level is Your Design Business?

Grace McNamara- Owner, Publisher, Producer of IWCE & Window Fashions Vision Magazine

Episode 128 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today on the show we have Grace McNamara. Grace has owned and produced window fashion Vision magazine since 1986. Vision is the business publication for the window covering industry in North America. I can certainly attest to this, we have subscribed to this magazine since the very beginning of our business! It is always full from cover to cover of useful information. In addition, Grace also produces the international window coverings expo, the industries national trade show and educational conference. Also, in 1990 Grace developed the window fashion certified professionals program. The longest ongoing training for window coverings professionals. Grace is a member of the international furnishings and design association and a press member of ASID and IIDA.

Show Notes:

  • What two areas has Grace niched her business in?
  • Why did Grace choose window treatments?
  • Is there anyone else that addresses this market the way that Grace does?
  • How did she come across the cake design business?
  • What was the practical and emotional situations when deciding to buy a business?
  • Why is confidence so important when running a business?
  • What is IWCE (International Window Coverings Expo)?
  • Where is, the IWCE going to be held?
  • What is going to be offered at IWCE that would be helpful to businesses?
  • Who are some of the speakers that will be at IWCE?
  • How many seminars does Grace have available for the Expo?
  • How does she come up with the topics for the Expo?
  • How do you register for the Expo seminars?
  • Why did Grace decide to have the Expo in Charlotte this year?
  • How many attendees are there generally at the expos?





What Level is Your Design Business?