What Level is Your Design Business?

Michelle Nussbaumer- Owner & Lead Designer of Ceylon et Cie

Episode 124 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today one the show I am talking with Michelle Nussbaumer. Michelle is an interior designer, textile and furniture designer, an author and owns a beautiful shop: Ceylon et Cie located in the Dallas design district. Michelle’s journey includes a husband and four children and it starts in west Texas. She goes from New York, Rome, Los Angeles and all the way back to Texas. Recently her book for Rizzoli, Wanderlust: Interiors That Bring the World Home was released and it includes thirty years of interior design as well as her travels. Today Michelle and I talk about her career, her opinions on the business and her globetrotting lifestyle.

Show Notes:

  • How does Michelle keep up with everything she has going on?
  • Does Michelle have different teams or organizations for each project?
  • Where did Michelle just sign a licensing agreement?
  • How are her schedules set up and what system(s) does she use?
  • Is her business a family business?
  • How big is her team and who does what?
  • How does she try to make all of her home designs feel?
  • What is Michelle’s business model for designs?
  • What advice would Michelle give to a brand-new designer fresh out of school?
  • What has her experience been with interns?
  • Can a person do a trial run to decide if you want to work at a design firm?
  • How did she decide to write a book?
  • How did she decide what her book, Wanderlust: Interiors That Bring the World Home would be about?
  • How did Michelle find her agent for her book?
  • What is the process like when writing a book?
  • What about her fabric business?
  • Will her fabrics be in showrooms?



To purchase Michelle’s book:   http://www.rizzoliusa.com/book.php?isbn=9780847848911

Wanderlust: Interiors That Bring the World Home

What Level is Your Design Business?