What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday – Marianne Cherico- Announcing a Tele Summit Opportunity – Your Home Staging Business on Fire!

Episode 123 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome back to another power talk Friday! I’m happy to let you know I have Marianne Cherico back with me! If you remember episode 75 Marianne and I talked about her philosophy on asking “what would the CEO do?” in order to get yourself organized daily, weekly and yearly.

Just to give you a reminder of who Marianne is and what she does she has owned and operated a successful home staging business since 2005. She also spent 27 years in the real estate business and 17 of those years she was part of a top producing New England real estate team.

Marianne has coached many home stagers all over the country on how to up-level their business by developing both mindset skills and strategy. She helps home stagers own their magnificent and create their life and a business that sets their souls on fire.

Show Notes:

  • What do home stagers, in particular, seem to struggle with?
  • What is the inner and outer game?
  • How is the outer game affected by the inner game?
  • How does she decide how and what a client needs to do to prioritize?
  • What does she suggest clients do to get more business?
  • What is Marianne’s tele summit: your home staging business on fire going to be about?
  • Who are some of the speakers that will be on the tele summit and what are some of the topics will they be discussing?
  • How does it work to be a part of tele summit?
  • Is it free to be a part of tele summit?
  • Who should listen to the tele summit?





What Level is Your Design Business?