What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday- Kae Whitaker- How to Make the Most of Your Year End Business Review

Episode 114 of A Well-Designed Business®

I’m so glad you tuned into power talk Friday! We have Kae Whitaker with us again! This is Kae’s third time on the show. If you have missed her first two shows you need to know she is a Houston-based branding and business developing strategist. Her company caters to personal coaches, personal brands, interior designers and event industry professionals. Kae’s personal coaching focuses on the whole brand. She understands very clearly that in order for you to be successful that all the pieces within your brand company have to line up. With over ten years of sales and marketing development she understands the way consumers think, what makes them want to buy your product or service. She has dedicated herself to helping creative businesses become more profitable and more productive. We are going to do an end of year planning. This is going to be a two-parter. Kae is going to talk to us about looking back on our year and what we need to evaluate to make good decisions moving forward. Krista Coupar is going to be talking to us on the following show. She is going to talk us about planning for the new year.

Show Notes:

  • What is one of the first things to look at when looking back on the year?
  • What are some things that will get in the way of accomplishing goals for the year?
  • What are some other markers to look at at the end of the year?
  • Who should you be looking at when evaluating for the year besides internally in your business?
  • What social platform is best for your business?
  • Take good notes!
  • How can you evaluate the “processes” that were used throughout the year?
  • Are there any tools that may be more helpful than the ones you are using?
  • What could be the reason you are unhappy with your job and how can you fix this?






What Level is Your Design Business?