What Level is Your Design Business?

Boutique Design New York- Robert Allen, Kravet Inc, JF Fabrics and Pavarini Design

Episode 113 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today’s show was a departure for me. It was recorded live at the Javits Center at the boutique design show in New York. If you are unfamiliar with BDNY let me give you some background. Boutique design New York is the leading trade fair and conference for hospitality design industry. Fall of 2016 marked the seventh year in a row that designers, architects, and other industry professionals gathered together for the two-day event November 13th and 14th. If you are currently designing for hospitality, contract or commercial or you aspire to work in the industry this is the show to attend. There are rows and rows of booths full of samples and sales representatives waiting to tell you about their latest products and services. 

The first interview is with Irina Peer. Irena is the director of design and merchandise for the Robert Allen Group. Robert Allen was showcasing two of its latest collections: Looks Natural and Performance Upholstery. They also gave an exclusive sneak peek at 701 Velvet, their new line they launched the next day. 

The second interview we are going to meet Robert Duban and Karen Keating from Kravet! In this interview, you will learn about the options you have in hospitality and health care industries. Did you know that Kravet is the only company to have guaranteed in stock crypton fabrics? I’ll let Robert and Karen tell you what else is new at Kravet.

My next chat is with the vice president of JF Fabrics, Tony located in Toronto. They are going to talk about their new line and their crypton collection and how it has value for residential and commercial applications.

Do you remember episode 16 of the podcast with Charles Pavarini III of Pavarini Design Associates? If you do, you will remember that Charles and Randall were busy designing a new line of lawn furniture.  

Show Notes:

  • What is special about the Robert Allen performance book?
  • What some features that a person in hospitality would not like to miss from the Robert Allen Group?
  • What kind of research did Irina do for these collections?
  • What are some qualities that the 701 Velvet collection have?
  • What are some of the new introductions to the collections from Kravet?
  • What does every product/collection at Kravet have?
  • How many people are working to get these designs going for Kravet?
  • What would Robert and Karen want everyone to know that could not come to their booth at BDNY?
  • Where do they get their inspiration?
  • What is going on in the contract line for JF Fabrics?
  • What is the great thing in the fabric in the crypton home collection at JF Fabric?
  • What sort of products do Charles and Randall use for their new lawn furniture collection?
  • How was the journey getting the final product for their lawn furniture?
  • Where are, their products made?
  • Can you buy just one piece or do you have to buy in bulk?
  • Are Charles and Randall the only lawn furniture company of their kind?








What Level is Your Design Business?