What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday: One Click Lindsey- How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Episode 105 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome back to another power talk Friday! I am happy to introduce to you Lindsey Anderson who is also known as One Click Lindsey. The reason for this is that she is a professional coach, counselor and her business is in helping. Lindsey is the founder and CEO of Trafficandleads.com. Today we are going to talk about how to get your web presence to work for you.

Show Notes:

  • How can you capture the email address of a potential client?
  • What does it mean to capture an email address of someone who visits the website?
  • Are most of the people that visit the website ready to commit?
  • What is an e-book?
  • What is email marketing?
  • Are there other ways besides eBooks to resource your website?
  • What is Fiverr and how can it be helpful?
  • How often should you email the email addresses you receive?
  • What does it show when you email people who have given you an email address?
  • After getting the email address do you need to hire a professional to help manage the emails?
  • What is MailChimp and how can this be helpful?
  • What do you do if what your offer is not working?
  • What could you include in your emails?
  • How should you write the emails?
  • Why is Lindsey’s nickname One Click Lindsey?

The rest of the show notes are in our resource center: Window Works.

What Level is Your Design Business?