What Level is Your Design Business?

Jake Baer- CEO of Newel – 4th Generation CEO Re-invents and Re-energizes the Family Business

Episode 103 of A Well-Designed Business®

Something must be in the air, I keep running into fourth generation business owners! Last week Scott Kravet was here for our 100th episode and he told us about the history of the Kravet family. He is part of the fourth generation of the Kravets to work and run Kravet Inc.

Today we have Jake Baer on the show with me and he is the twenty-eight-year-old CEO of Newel. Newel is the home of the largest decorative art collection and furniture in the US. Newel has been known for many years for its prop rental business since the 1930s. Jake was named the CEO of Newel in 2015 and he has really spearheaded change with a brand-new gallery in Manhattan. He has recently moved their collection to a massive warehouse in Long Island City in Long Island. We are going to talk about how he is moving Newel into a new age.

Show Notes:

  • What was it like for Jake growing up in a family business?
  • Who did he work with to learn the business?
  • What sort of challenges has Jake faced being a young CEO?
  • Are his siblings involved in the business: Newel?
  • What is he doing for newer/younger interior designers?
  • How can you get in on the dinners that Jake holds for interior designers?
  • How does his business help people who live the apartment life?
  • Can furniture be shipped out all over the US?
  • What kind of antique furniture does Newel have to offer?

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What Level is Your Design Business?