What Level is Your Design Business?

Christina Perry – Is Online Interior Design Right for Your Firm?

Episode 05 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome! Our guest today is the wonderful and talented interior designer, Christina Perry! Christina started at a young age rearranging furniture and accessories and discovering her passion of what she really likes to do. She attended The University of Missouri State and graduated with a bachelor degree in Science in Interior Designing. She then went on to work in several different jobs that showed her different aspects of the interior design industry. She realized that she was really interested in the creative aspect of the interior design industry and wanted to help people create a space that they will enjoy being in. 

Christina will share with us in this broadcast:

  • You should always try to continue to learn and grow
  • Her realization that most everything is done online
  • Why doing everything online is a good thing
  • What tools she uses to help her out
  • Interior design software
  • Her client project website
  • What obstacles or problems has she run into?
  • How she is reaching more clients
  • What marketing efforts she is using to let people know her
  • Studio web ware recommendations
  • Make it a personal experience!
  • Have clear open communication!
  • How did she arrive at a la cart pricing?

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What Level is Your Design Business?